Cool stuff!

I picture Rambo’s son playing with legos. That is very different and cool!

Here, you can download the internet…

Watch it for a bit though, some funny messages come up…

Paul’s MIL grave digger!

Are you kidding? She would use that as a back scratcher.


Here is a link to transform WindowsXP…I used the Vista pack and it definately works, but read ALL instructions to a T or you may ■■■■■ up your system. It installed\uninstalled great for me “still stuck on media them” but you get clear windows, new icons, startup, etc…very nice. If I had the resources, I would use it. BTW, my icons didn’t change after the uninstall and stayed Vista, but download TweakUi, free , and it will change all back in seconds, now I wish I hadn’t. Also, there are many more downloads there, just look around. Anyway…



Space Colony’s vegetation:

Genius. A weed growing kit. LOL. 8)


Not sure about this one. How on earth can a “medical drip feed” be described as “a striking design focus”! :smiley:

I don’t know. Beats me…

For your perfect photos:

I always said, if I could have an IV with coffee running through it I would! What an idea, bring it on! I’ll look like this :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o


Isn’t that what they mean by drip coffee?

A puppy for your digital life:

ROFL! Yes, I guess it would! You have the Terminator, then you have me…The Perculator. (:KWL)



Then we have Scomodo™, the DOMINATOR! (:KWL)

…and AOwl, that eats it!

Let’s not forget Quentin - the DECORATOR. LOL


and Paul… the LOLINATOR! ;D

and Wisanggeni who got eaten by an ALLIGATOR! :o
and Panic just need an INHALATOR! ::slight_smile:

Aowl, Aowlnard Comodonegger, stars in…James Cameron’s , the Flatulator! (:KWL)

Abowel. lolll