Can CFW be set to block certain cookies?


You can block certain sites but not cookies I believe. Cookies are not spyware nor do they cause any problems. Use CCleaner once a week and wash out all your cookies and temp files that way.

I did a cookies scan with Spyware Terminator/Web Security Guard and it revealed a large number of “bad cookies” and one “phishing cookie” .

ST isnt exactly the best product. Use SuperAntispyware and clean out your cookies before you scan.Cookies dont cause any harm.

I recently tried installing Superantispyware and it played havoc with my PC. It froze everything and I had to boot in safe mode and do a system restore.

What version? Are you sure you weren’t getting D+ alerts from Comodo. There are 2 versions of SAS. The free one which is just a free on demand scanenr and the full version which has real time protection mode. Both of them only use 350K of memory. Never locked up my system and its alot more reliable then ST. Crawler the maker of ST use to ma associated with spyware. Thats why they have that dumb toolbar still. Again I will add that cookies are not spyware nor do they cause harm. Simply use CCleaner and they are gone. Then run a scan for spyware.

Im sorry about Spyware Terminator. I was wrong. I am using it ow and I actually like it better then SuperAntiSpyware. SuperAntiSpyware was giving me CPU spikes every 2-3 min or so. I don’t have the web guard installed cause I don’t need it but the real time scanner is good. Especially for free. But back to your cookie thing. Use CCleaner before you run a scan with Spyware Terminator. If you block certain cookies then you may not be able to get into that site.

V is right. Cookie isn’t spyware, but it might be a privacy concern. Since this thread is now drifting away from CFP and more into other products, I suggest that this topic be continued on:

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