Cookies from Comodo when I haven't been there

Sorry if this has already been covered but I’ve always found that a little paranoia is not unhealthy.
What are _utma, _utmc, _utmz, _utmt, _utmt_b and _utmb? These pop into my cookie jar in a “Comodo” folder every time I fire up CID and before I go anywhere. I’m one of those wierdies who only connects to internet every now and again, switches off his computer and router when he doesn’t need them (ie most of the time!) and keeps a track of cookies, deleting unwanted ones about once every fifteen minutes or so. So I know that they don’t come back, not even when I visit here.

I’m not a CID expert or anything but a quick search on the internet reveals these are Google Analytics cookies: From __utma to __utmz (Google Analytics Cookies) - MoreVisibility

There are addons that can block cookies for you or if your like me, you can have it always set to private mode in the Privacy settings.


Thanks, Eric, you have confirmed what I already believed. Question: what are Google spy cookies doing in cookie files called “” & “” and how do they get there without visiting any website whatsoever? Has Comodo joined Google’s attempt at world domination? Can we trust Comodo any more?
Incidentally, I run ublock Origin all the time (used to run PrivDog until they did away with “Options”) but you can’t block cookies built in to a browser because they boot before the blocker. Set home page as blank, reboot, go to Tools/Options/Privacy/Show cookies. It should be blank; mine isn’t even though CID is set to “keep cookies until I close CID”

Google Analytics is used at both and More stuff, e.g. fonts, is used at

You can block third-party cookies: Managing Cookies

You can also enable Tracking Protection.

I agreed JoWa :-TU

Maybe this add-on, you will like it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions. I already had “no third party cookies” and “no tracking” enabled. You would think that Comodo would honour this request, would you not? They do not. Further research proves that the cookies come not from CID but from CIS as soon as an internet connection is created. “Pure-url” doesn’t stop it.
I have used the “about:config” suggestion and it seems to work. I hope it does: I do not want to dump Comodo after all these years but I shall if they insist on tracking me, in the same way that I never use google or any of its incubi including that mash-up of Linux and Java they have the nerve to call an operating system.
I’m now off to see if I can get Comodo firewall to ban CIS from connecting without specific permission.

Comodo has always been slow in making CID releases, but i hope issues you’re reporting here are only temporary…