Cookie assignment issue

I have Comodo set to ask every time bdfore it sets a cookie. I do this because once I accept or decline a cookie Comodo remembers and never asks again. A pain at first but not so much as time goes by. My issue is some sites I OK for session but Comodo doesn’t seem to like session only cookies. most times when I say for session it comes right back with another request for the same cookie. I could set there and click for session all day and it will just keep asking. How do I fix this? I don’t want to just accept all first party cookies so simply enabling cookies is not an option.

Hi Rigit :slight_smile: , Sorry my two questions , you have active the module defence+ and which OS use , thanks Kind regards

CARON67, Rigit is asking about Comodo Dragon. Not Comodo Internet Security…

My question Rigit, is how do you know it’s the same cookie? Some sites attempt to set several cookies. On these sites, if you have Dragon set to ask, yes, you’ll need to click allow or block several times.

I do wish there was a Chrome cookie manager extension similar to Cookie Monster in Firefox. It’s really easy to give a default setting, such as deny cookies. Then if you want to accept cookies from a site for just that session, it’s a simple click on the Cookie Monster icon.

Any extension developers out there that want to create this? :wink: