Converting machine from OS/2 Warp 4 w/ IBM firewall

I run an SMTP/POP3/FTP/BinkP server for FidoNet Region 19. It’s a fully volunteer, old style BBS network. I provide the gateway from FidoNet Netmail format to internet e-mail (text only). The machine I am presently using runs OS/2 Warp 4.52 with latest fixpacks. It runs a simplified version of the IBM firewall to specifically deny access from a list (about 1,200) of IP addresses. I am thinking of converting the system to WinXP-Pro as the server suite has some stability problems under its native OS/2 - oddly, the Windows version doesn’t have these problems.

What I need to know is whether or not the Comodo firewall can do the IP filtering that I need to implement (simple denial of access) and whether or not there is a way to import the list of IPs that I presently block.

Many thanks in advance!!