Convenient HIPS Alarm "System is an insecure application and is try"

Yesterday evening in HIPS by “learning” I switched to “safe”. This morning after clicking on “Stop the system”, I heard the sound of Comodo pop-ups and the PC remained in the Windows screen of waiting for the shutdown for 10 minutes (usually off in 2 minutes maximum) and at the end I turned off the pc keeping the button pressed to force it off.
From the log files I saw that the “System” application wrote in the shutdown log files.
So in “settings” between the HIPS rules “I set the” System "application as a system application (or I also think that it can be set as safe).
So he did not do it any more or anyway no more HIPS warnings came out, I state that the PC is clean of viruses.

So I think I did well.

What do you think?
Thank you!