Controlpanel_installer.exe trying to execute a program?

Recently, I got a warning from Comodo DefensePlus that Akamai’s ControlPanel_Installer.exe was trying to execute vcredist_x86.exe. Worried, I ran a few scans with avast! Antivirus and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, along with HijackThis. All of the scans came up clean. Should I be worried about this warning?

P.S.: To be safe, I think I submitted the file to be analyzed.

It sounds like the Akamai control Panel is executing Visual C++ Package, maybe to update it to the latest version (or check the latest is installed).
Do you have Akamai NetSession Interface installed? I found some info here

Should be safe to allow, maybe check the vcredist_86.exe is signed by Microsoft.


The thing is, when the alert came up, I denied it, but I don’t think I blocked it. And yes, I do have Akamai. vcredist_x86.exe is coming up as signed by Microsoft.

If you just denied it and didnt Block with "remember my answer" ticked everything should be fine. Just wait until you see the alert again (if you do) and Allow it. Could be something that just checks periodically. It certainly doesnt sound like anything malware related.
Apart from that i can`t really advise much else, maybe someone else uses the Akamai CP and has some input!


p.s. If you blocked it a rule may have been created in Defence+/Computer Security Policy. Might be worth having a look and if there is a rule there remove it and let it be re-done.

I checked the Computer Security Policy, and no rule was up. I think it may have been a one-time deal.

Edit: I just had it happen again, but allowed it this time.