Controlling a certian application

Hope post is in right spot, new to forum. If this has been posted before sorry I have scrolled through the forum for hours and did multiple searches for this information. Here is the deal, I have software that is used to connect to, view, record my wireless IP camera.s. I noticed that this software also connects to the Internet. I do know want this application to access the Internet in anyway shape or form. I would like it to access my cameras and that is it. ex would beyond cover my network range. I would like to create this rule that I can use over and over. Another thing is this, to make sure that all of the programs elements that could possible connect what is the best way to do this. Should I include the entire program folder. Which I do not know how to go about doing. Anyway I hope this is not to difficult of a ? but I have not had any luck with this specific question.
Using latest standalone fire wall
Cam software blue iris
behind a router
Computer running software is wired connection to router Hope this is enough info will check back every hour thanks all in at advance.

Hi tomhyatt345,

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There are several ways to go here.

  1. maybe you can disable the software to ‘check for updates’ most of the time this takes away the ‘attempt to access the internet’.
  2. create a firewall rule for this specific application.

For the rule you have to do the following, open the Firewall Security Policy and find the rule that belongs to the blue iris executable(s).
If it’s not there, then it’s probably handled as a ‘safe file’ you then have to add it manually by using browse, or selecting it from running process (of course you have to start it first).
If you have the application rule you could add a rule to allow the local traffic e.g.

Add, Allow, IP, Source = Any, Destination is Ipv4 subnet, / subnet (Are you sure your running a /15 network? that’s pretty large from →
Next add a rule to block all other traffic, put logging on it to verify if it’s working.
Add Block + Log, IP Source= Any, Destination = Any.

Apply this rule to the FW policy and you should be good to go.

Wow thanks for the quick reply, No my network is not quite that large I suppose a most 7 things connected including cams PC’s and my phones. But I think I get the general idea I hope everyone else that has had this question finds this post. Ive seen a lot of post that are about how to stop internet access entirely but not just application specific.

No problem, If you have any further questions you know where to post them :wink: