Control panel pausing

I have just installed VE I now have a 6 or 7 second pause before Control Panel opens. I also have this same pause opening any FOLDER on the desktop. If I deinstall VE, I get instantaneous opening of Control Panel and the folders on the desktop. I am running Comodo Firewall and Mcafee anti virus. Disabling Mcafee does not fix the problem.
I am using WIN XP Pro with SP2. I don’t see any spike in CPU usage when trying to open a folder, it stays around 2%. I have half of my 512mb memory available, so I don’t see it as a memory issue.
Thanks for the help!

Welcome to the forum.
I will start with a THANK’S!
I have wondered are tried to figure out why I had a delay when trying to open a folder… now I know… ;D
I uninstalled VE and the delay was gone!
I haven’t even thought it was VE that did this…
I can’t say that I had the same issue with Control panel, but I’m not sure…
The folders had a 3 second delay before even starting to open a folder…
That was without VE service running.
Comodo should take a look at this.

I also noticed that Windows Explorer suddenly has a 4-5 second delay before it starts. A bit of investigation revealed that the “culprit” is ESigilBho (ESigil.dll). If this extension is disabled (using ShellExView), the problem disappears. Interestingly, the verification process still works with this extension disabled, so one must wonder what it’s function is.

Nice! Disabling it worked like a charm. Now, my folders open without delay. I Googled it, but could not find much info on it. Some of the posts called it a Browser helper. As you said, verification stills seems to work, but I have to wonder what I have disabled.