Contribution - My thank you to Comodo

Where to start? My name is Paul, and I was a Zone Alarm user. :cry: yes , yes, I know. I have been clean now for almost a month. No ZA. Whilst using Comodo CPF, I have found new light. I no longer have problems with my DSL not connecting, no more if you want to know what’s blocked, buy it, no more 15 minute startup times, and is pleasant to look at. I will never (sniff) go back to ZA or any other. Comodo saved my digital life, my skin is now radiant again, I have that sparkle in my eye, and enjoy spending time with my computer. Thank you Comodo, for allowing me to have this excellent firewall for FREE. There is no better out there and once again, thank you (the whole Comodo team), for giving people such as myself the chance to have excellent software for nothing. It is truly appreciated.

Thank you,


That brought a tear to my eye… Thanks for sharing, everyone say “Thanks Paul”. Please remember that the support group will be meeting from now until the end of time, that includes weekends!!!

Anyone else, please share your feeling with the group… (Too good Paul) (:AGL)

LOL. Thanks Paul. Remember the first step to overcoming an addiction is to first admit it.

I’d like to say I think I have an Obsesive Compulsive Comodo Disorder (L) (:LOV) (M)


Ryan and Mike,

 lol OCCD huh? lol. I'll get shirts made up! I have OCCD and proud of it!

While I do have a 24\7 sense of humor, it gets me through the day and aggrevates my family to no end, but the thank you to all was sincere and on Comodo is great. This is why the products are great. If there were a bunch of stiffs from MS running it , none of this would be great. I can truly say, if I was ever proud to be part of anything on the internet, it’s Comodo.


Paul (B)

oh so now everyone knows!

I have OCCD too!!! (:HUG)



Count me into the list of patients infected with OCCD. :wink: Seriously, I am spending more than 4 hours a day on this forum, sometimes even up to 7. My mum is really gonna kill me for it.

Yours truly,

I am just enjoying my time off work and my wife is already throwing a fit, Comodo this, Comodo that! Well being the MAN of the house, I told her right where to stick it! And when she wakes up tomorrow, i’ll see if she heard me. :wink:


Hello again Melih, hope all is well

Comodo is everywhere (Magazines), as promised Comodo products have appeared in PC Live!, PC Plus and a load more I.T. mags.

The pints of Guinness are waiting for you (:WIN)

Nice one :slight_smile:

I start drinking now…
but i will be sure to look you up when I am in Ireland :wink:


Make sure you do…