Contraviro : how to remove

Ok I am an idiot, my fault for going to sites I shouldn’t have, looking for software I shouldn’t have. But got this thing called Contraviro, which it turns out seems to me a bogus anti-malware tool (looks alarmingly like a genuine Microsoft package too!)

Anyways, it got past CIS, suppose I should have changed to safe mode, as I had win parite a while ago so PC was no longer Clean.

Though I had gotten rid of this the other day, but alas this morning it is back. Two malware companies claim to be able to remove it, but both want my $$$ which I cannot afford. Just wondering if CIS can remove this yet, if so how? Think I have the latest version running (redownloaded and reinstalled yesterday)

I found something called ddtuc.exe in system32 folder which CIS did alert to having potential malware behaviour. deleted that, but now this is still misbehaving

Any help will be greatly appreciated, am not wanting to reinstall until win7 comes out, so hanging onto a slightly imperfect winxp install till then

Thanks in advance guys

well theres the offical way, it it’ll be hard getting help at 4:00 a.m.

try this

go to
get “a-squared free”
run the updates
now shutdown the computer
When the computer starts up, you need to press F8 button before Windows starts booting until you see the boot menu. In the boot menu, select the safe mode.
when your in safe mode, run a-squared free
clean the infections
restart the computer
if you still have a problem report back, it should be morning by then :slight_smile: