Contivity and CFP (reprise?)

Just installed (well, about a week ago) CFP and while it works great, I have an issue with contivity client from Nortel. I have followed the other thread about this same issue and have modified the settings and rules to match that post’s suggestions, both me and my network guy can’t make this go.

I have set the CFP into training mode, tried disabling D+, added the following rules (see attached image). The biggest difference I can see is that my version of contivity is old (from Oct 2003) and since its supplied, I can’t upgrade it to a more recent version.

Not sure what other information I can provide that will help you guys…if you need more, let me know.



[attachment deleted by admin]


Export your configuration, delete global rules, delete nortel executable from application rules, also delete these things from application rules: “windows operating system”, “system”, “svchost.exe”, “windows updater applications”, group “all applications”. Set firewall and defense+ to training mode, connect for a couple of times with nortel.
Set firewall and defense+ to train with safe mode. Try to connect. If successful, use stealth ports wizard to make VPN server (or private IP? …not sure) as trusted.

If not successful, on what stage you cannot connect? What are related entries in firewall’s log?