Continuous nag about Comodo's facebook group made me uninstall it

Greetings and farewell.

That newly introduced - continuous and annoying nag about the Comodo’s FaceBook group page made me uninstall it. It felt exactly like what brought me to Comodo, the infamous ZoneAlarm’s scareware.

You can turn that off if you don’t wish to see it.

[attachment deleted by admin]

The only balloon message that Comodo’s Firewall would show it’s about it’s Facebook Group?

It’s the same with previous versions, it had a loop with other products,
Simply remove the check box. More > settings > message center

Hope this helps


Oops, I removed Comodo’s Firewall in the proccess.

Good luck Comodo with your member/like count of your Facebook profile/group.
Don’t mind me - I’m just a minority.

Weird i only got that messege one time that was just after the install.

I got it twice.
Yesterday and today - with just one system restart in between, enough for me.

Thanks for trying CIS though!

Sad to see you go bud.
I hope you have a safe travels!


I have to admin that I had been impressed by it.

Thanks Jake, same to you!

Your welcome and Well Thank You :slight_smile:

Maybe you can try again when CIS v6 is out :smiley:


If it will be more sensitive about it’s nag’s/balloons/pop-up’s and provided I’m on the lookout again, sure - why not?

Wow…you are talking about v6. Any information you would like share with us… :slight_smile:


I’m sure that it will be; (Hopefully!)



Easy! The dev’s should be taking a small break after the release of 5.3 :smiley:
6.0 Most likely won’t be available until middle of next year.


:o :o :o
??? ??? ???

Small break that will last for over a year???

Is this your personal opinion or Comodos official roadmap?

Personal opinion of course;

I’m just saying that they deserve a week or maybe even a month :smiley: break after the hard work :slight_smile:


OK, but you said “middle of next year”…that would be the summer of 2012…:wink:

Well of course;
IMO that would be est of when 6.0 should be released (My Opinion not a fact nor a Official statement)


They get paid for what they do…
I can take a break at my job only if I quit…
There are no time-outs in AV industry…

Hey go easy on the developers, okay?
Give them my best wishes for a nice recovering and battery-charging period.

Oh, and where do I send in my resume/CV?