Continuous message re: INvisible Application and OLE Automation

I only recently installed Comodo Firewall. Now, just about every time I try to access the internet, I get messages which look pretty scarey, but if I don’t say: “Allow” to them, I can’t get on. For instance, one message I get a lot says this:

c:/WINDOWS/explorer.exe has tried to use ieexplorer.exe OLE Automation, which can be used to hijack other applications. …
Should I worry about this?

I’m trying to write down all of the messages it keeps giving me. Another one says something about how explorer.exe is an invisible application and that it may be dangerous.

Another says something about Adobe Acrobat.

I’ll write them down next time, but it’s hard because if I dont’ write fast enough it goes away and then I can’t get on at all.

hi, i have just asked the same question on another thread!, i am not very computer literate and i know exactly what you mean. i once denied one and then couldnt access the internet so had to remove the software just to get on the net! lets hope someone can anser this one for us.

explorer trying to use ieexplorer is safe, basically the firewall has a database of safe applications that it should not warn you about. However, many of these, such as microsoft files, get updated and then the firewall does not recognize them anymore so it asks you about them.

With files like acrobat you could get many warnings. You may get warnings about explorer trying to use it or svchost trying to use it or internet explorer trying to use it depending what you are doing. For example if you open acrobat from the desktop you may be warned that explorer is using acrobat. If you open a file from outlook you may be warned that outlook is using acrobat. All of these are safe, expected activities.
The warnings do not necessarily mean something bad is happening. If you recognize the files as microsoft files or something to do with the application you are trying to use than click always allow and you should not be asked again (until next time a file is updated :'().

If you don’t recognize a file you can look on google to see what it is. It takes a little getting used to but you will learn to recognize safe activity after a while. Hopefully the next version of the firewall will not ask quite so often as it will have a regularly updated safelist.

Hope I explained this well enough, if not I am sure one of the other moderators can explain it better.



explorer.exe is IExplore.exe,

like it or not make decision if your desktop that is iexplore.exe too like or not.

there tutorials to start might norton desktop.


Not true. IExplore.exe is Internet Explorer while Explorer.exe is Windows Explorer.