Continuous downloading of cmdagent.exe file ... how do I fix this issue?

Friday, May 26th, 2011

Hello everyone here on the Comodo Forums …

Please pardon me if this question / concern has been either asked or inquired about previously.

First off, I attempted to download an update to the free version of Comodo Firewall several weeks ago while using a local library’s free Internet connection. Unfortuneately, I was unable to complete the full download due to time restraints and had to terminate the update session.

In having recently gained access once again to the Internet (via the local library’s Internet connection), I attempted to reupdate my Comodo Firewall. This time I was able to do so, however, I now get a continuous animated green arrow download moving over my Comodo system tray icon. It never stops and goes on for hours.

When I hover over the icon, it says “COPYING CMDAGENT.EXE FILE”.

How long should this download take, and how would I go about fixing this issue? Do I need to uninstall something? I am almost at the point of uninstalling Comodo and then reinstalling the entire program.

Thanks for your time and I do appreciate your feedback.

Take care,



Well it certainly shouldn’t take hours to download, seems like somehow a file may have gotten corrupt, try running Diagnostics under the “More” tab to see if that fixes the issue.

Justin L.,

OK … I went ahead and ran the Diagnostics beneath the “More” tab in Comodo Firewall and received the “The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with your installation” message.

However, upon checking for updates once again (via the Comodo Firewall - Updater), I now have encountered the following message:

“cmdagent.exe : The system cannot find the path specified.”[/b]

Any ideas as to what the issue may or may not be (and how do I go about resolving it)?

Thanks for your kind imput … I sincerely appreciate it.

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Hmm interesting, maybe cmdagent.exe is corrupt?

Please boot into safe mode, you can do this by pressing F8 repeatedly during startup before you see the Windows logo while your computer is booting.

After your system has booted up, please navigate to your Comodo Internet Security directory, it should be something like C:\Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security

You will see numerous files in this directory as well as subdirectories, please find the file that says “Cmdagent.exe” and delete it (you will need administrative privileges)

After you’ve successfully deleted this file, please navigate to the “repair” subdirectory. Locate the file called “Cmdagent.exe”, right click it and click “copy”.

Back up out of “repair” subdirectory and back into the main Comodo Internet Security directory, paste the “Cmdagent.exe” file you copied into this main directory.

Reboot and let’s see what this does :slight_smile:

Hi. If all fails and you are running V5.3 I would replace the cfpupdat.exe file in the Progams, Comodo, Comodo internet security folder and in the Repair folder with this one supplyed by Dennis, because it sounds like a similar update problem to before. Kind regards.