Continued WHMCS Issues

We continue to have issues in WHMCS, for example we cannot even save the Admin > Settings > General page without a 403 error. I’ve seen discussion of these kinds of issues. Is there an effective fix that doesn’t require disabling a rule?

Like many other WHMCS users, we have followed the recommended procedure and renamed our WHMCS admin folder.



Now there is no effective fix instead of disabling a rule.


Will there be a fix in the future? I know when we were with Atomicorp and we reported a false positive like this, they could usually revise a rule and get the situation resolved in a day. Just wondering if CWAF has (or will have) the same kind of power.


Yes, we plan to fix all issues with WHMCS. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Just as a side note, even though the Comodo WAF rules are quite strict sometimes, they managed to block WHMCS attacks and many other attacks. For this reason alone I prefer to deal with false positives than to have more permissive rules.

Very good point!