Continual updating


I installed the free edition of Comodo with the firewall about a month ago and I have to say this program is the best. I will buy the full program as soon as I can. Anyway, I have noticed a few things that have been off the past few days.
First, the software is appearing to do a virus definition update by showing a notification bubble from the icon tray. It will pop up saying performing an update followed by a second bubble saying update is complete, then it starts over again and again. I am running a virus scan just to eliminate that possibility.
Have you encountered a problem like that before?
Also, I am on a home network and I used to have one of my folders accessible to other members of the household, now they cannot see my folders in the network. Does Comodo firewall prevent users from accessing my folders on the network?

Thank you.

Welcome To The Forum. From May 2009 We Have Started Providing Multiple Updates Every 30 Mins. So, I Would Request You To Check With The Virus Signature Database Version After Every Update And Make Sure Its Getting Changed. If Its Not Changing, Update Us

And Regarding The Shared Folder… Yes, The Firewall Can Block. However, Until We Diagonise The Issue, We Can’t Confirm That You Are Not Able To Access The Folders Only Because Of The Firewall.