Continual message that account info is missing

HELP!! Every 2 minutes or so I am receiving a message stating “account information is missing”…it’s been entered at least 15 times…what is up?

Do you have any other Comodo applications installed? If so which ones?

No, just spam

Strange, this issue has never been reported before. It could be an installation issue, uninstall, re-download, then install again.

Getting same problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and redown loaded again to no avail. When I try to access my email a message pops up saying… account info missing and to add on configuration screen…the one where we originally entered information. I have even ended up with more than one account somehow. THINKING of disabling this and winging it alone again otherwise I cannot get email. Anybody out there have a solution ? Thanks…islandgriz

Yes the same thing keeps happening to me using Outlook Express.

Same for me too. I’m running Thunderbird.
Anyone, who knows where to delete the extra added accounts. Registry, maybe?

I am getting exactly the same problem. That stupid annoying message window keeps popping up whenever I first open Thunderbird, once for every account. Not only that, but all the details which I fill in don’t even get stored! Putting them in manually they get stored, but it doesn’t stop the stupid window appearing.

Goodbye Antispam, you’re an utterly useless waste of space.

EDIT: After some thought this may have been due to a silly error on my part. I will probably take a look at this again in the future.

I have the same problem and did uninstall, re-download and install and it didn’t make any difference the message showed again so I had to delete the program to get my mail!