Continual crash detected messages after upgrade to


After the recent upgrade to Internet Security, I’m getting regular popup windows about a crash “Internet Security has detected a crash”. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Looking in the logs, the only thing that I can see is a regular error

Fail download telemetry config (hr=0x80070002)

Apart from that crash message, Comodo seems to be running perfectly.

Any help appreciated.

Hi sortd,
We had this problem in v6408, where it could show multiple alerts in case it detects application crash.
We have fixed this problem in v6420 release and updates to older versions will be released on Monday, 27th Nov, 2017.

In the mean time you can update to v6420 using test server settings as described in v6420 release post or uninstall and then download latest version 6420 from comodo site.


Thanks Umesh for your reply. Do you think the reason I am getting the issue is due to the failed to download telemetry config error? If so, how do I prevent that problem from occurring or is that also expected to be addressed in the new version?

Thanks - Duncan

Hi sortd,
Config file not the reason. Although we will be fixing that download issue as well. We have two file paths, if one is not there other is uses, so you see 404 for one file, it will be fixed.

Please update to v6420, as we have released updates today and confirm if you see problem fixed or not.