Context Menu with no hooks

1: CIS version:

2: OS version:
Windows 8.1 full patched

3: What you did:
Right click on tray icon

4: What you actually saw:
see screenshot

5: What you expected to happen or see:
see screenshot (red marked area with no hocks

[attachment deleted by admin]

Please attach a diagnostics report.
question mark (?) > support > diagnostics


Hi Cimba,

Please try to re-install by following this guide. After that, please attach another diagnostics report if you’re experiencing the same problem.

From your report, it appears you’re running “avast!”. Do note that there might be a conflict with this product and a special configuration might be required.


Sorry, but for this little bug the effort is too large including the risk to ruin my good running system and to make the settings again new.

what I found just still out:
When I sometimes reboot the computer (I drive him usually always in sleep mode), or only restart CF, the menu is normal with hooks.

Thanks also for the note with AVAST.