context menu or right click

when i right click on some files, for example on desktop icons which are short cuts, there is no options like

  1. scan with COMODO antivirus
  2. run in COMODO sandbox

what i want to tell u all is… provide above two options at all locations…

Those options are not appropriate (or even possible) on all locations and they do currently appear for things that you can scan/run. But, since you mentioned shortcuts… did you mean specifically to resolve the shortcut (ignoring the shortcut file itself) or did you really mean on everything?

I tested with my antivirus. I expected it would scan the link, but it scanned the linked folder.
Impressed :smiley:

i am using comodo dragon browser and want to run in comodo sandbox. so when i right click on it in the desktop which is shortcut…i don’t see those options…

Comodo Dragon? Sorry, do you mean within the browser (to scan/run on-line things), not Windows folder/file explorer… or are you talking about running Comodo Dragon from the desktop?

If you mean running Dragon from your desktop, what OS do you have?

my os is windows xp. here is the screen shot…

[attachment deleted by admin]

OK. The problem is that is what’s called a shortcut or a LNK file (it is actually a file, but Windows hides the extension). To run something in the sandbox, then you need to right click the actual EXE file. If I remember correctly on XP, you can hold Shift key whilst right clicking the Dragon shortcut and (I think) you get some extra context menu items… including Open Folder or something like that. This will open the folder that the Dragon EXE can be found. And from there you should be able to right click the EXE and run it in the sandbox.

that’s not user friendly… in those screen shots, malwarebytes and hitmanpro showed their options in rightclick menu of that shortcut or LNK file. why not CIS? can u tell this to the comodo developers…?

I guess it would depend on what Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro are actually scanning here… the shortcut file itself or the shortcut’s destination.

In any event, if you would like to see this changed you can add your wish to the CIS Wish List.

can u add this wish to wish list…i am not good at english…thank u…

Of course, done: Windows Right Click Context Menu and Shortcuts

Best, both :wink:

Thank u very much!