Content filtering is coming soon...FREE!!!!

You wanted Content filtering to protect you and your family…and its almost here…

here is a version I am playing with…hopefully will be available to all very soon…


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Hi Melih,
It looks good, any chance of it needing a password to change the settings to help with child protection?

nice :)i would add 2 more:
-warez and illegal content

Hi Melih, It looks good.Thank you Melih :slight_smile: :-TU

-hosting/storage good idea +1

Looks great!

I’ll definitely have to try that out. :slight_smile:

Looks good, is this linked to using Secure DNS?

Nice, would love to see a option for blocking add servers…

Or the ability to load a ‘custom’ list and feed it a file?

This is great news! thanks Melih and comodo team
this will make a lot of people happy

yes, that would be great also.

there is adver category. is not the same?

Hehe, probably, you got good eyes, that advert option did not stand out to me…

Swéééét… :■■■■


Really a very good news…

Looking forward to a public release…

By the way, will it be integrated in to CIS or linked to Secure DNS ?

(Incase, I am running CIS, but using a separate DNS server, will I be able to use this filtering ?)

it looks DNS based. in the pic it says

Then, it can be used by non CIS users too… looks great…

Let’s see how it compares to OpenDNS.

im thinking this is how they are going to integrate siteinspector aswell but this is just a guess. only time can tell

This is excellent news :-TU. Thank you Melih :). I’m looking forward to applying this to my home computers.

Btw, thank you wasgij6 (link from parental control).


you are spot on! :slight_smile:

Site inspector will constantly analyse web sites and feed the data to our for malicious sites. This way anyone using our DNS will automatically benefit from Site inspector.