Contant UDP DDos real or fake ! ??

Firewall constantly logging this DDos attack !! what should i do about it ! system hangs when im playing games and have to close it down manually !!

Date/Time :2007-05-13 09:02:25
Severity :HighReporter :
Network MonitorDescription: DDOS Attack (UDP Flood)
Duration: 20 seconds
# of packets: 52
# of attackers: 52
The firewall has switched to EMERGENCY mode

other problem is i want commodo to completely allow CS regarded stuff i defined rules as well but still it logs CS udp port as medium attacks !!

Date/Time :2007-05-13 07:47:13
Severity :MediumReporter :
Application MonitorDescription:
Application Access Denied (hl.exe: :27015)Application: E:\MyGames\Counter-Strike\CS-1-v19\hl.exeParent: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exeProtocol:
UDP InDestination:

what should i doo about it ! pls help !! (:AGY)

Hey -v3n0m555-,
as I’m not a gamer myself, I’m afraid I cannot help you. However, I know someone who can ;D
Have a look here:,5099.msg37470.html#msg37470.
Just pm Ewen, tell him you’d like to test his Counterstrike rules and provide a link to this thread. I’m sure he can also help you find out about the seriousness of the DDoS alerts.
Just for fun I googled a bit and found many people complaining about DDoS attacks when playing CS. Doesn’t help to figure out the seriousness of your problem though.
Hope this helps.

All the Attacker IPs are in the 10.100.. range & this is an internal LAN IP, not an Internet IP. It looks like your connected to a network that CFP isn’t aware of. CFP is probably interpreting the normal LAN/WAN traffic as an attack.

hey kail,
yes all these ip are of my local network !! i dont think to add this local network as a trusted network coz there are many many script kids and other hackers-for-fun people on my lan ! :frowning: what should i do about it !! outpost didnt reported its only showing up in commodo !!i think im missing something ! i PM ewen hope he get some spare time to help me out !!


Are you on a university network? Do you use dynamic IP addresses?

Ewen :slight_smile:

hi ewen,
noo its my local area network, where many residential blocks and buildings connected together,

IP’s assigned via DHCP which usually don’t change for months !!

im using

AV= KasperSky6.0

If anyone else can help, please jump in. I’m really tied up with several very convoluted CFP queries at the moment, but I’ll get back on to this as soon as I can.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi -v3n0m555-

OK, so you want to get CS running over your LAN. Just to confirm a couple of things… is this the CS mod for HL 1 or CS Source (HL 2)? Will your system be hosting the games?

After digging around a bit & noticing the CS-1-v19 bit… does this URL help?

hi ,
Kail its CS 1.6 works on HL1, i normally connect to servers ! DDos is not much when iam connected to servers… but it really get worse when i host a server !! looks like whole network is DDos on me :frowning:

i have added the rules from URL and gona check it after posting !!

thanx kail and Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi -v3n0m555-

Not sure how you’re getting on… but, on reflection I think that you may wish further restrict the ports recommended by PortForward by restricting the source/destination (depends which direction in/out) IPs to the range to (or which ever 10.x.x.x IP your friends are on). This will restrict your HL game to those on your LAN. Otherwise, you might be letting in the Internet as well, which you may no want.

I hate it whe a story ends like this. 88)