Constant Virus Database Updates

how do you stop the virus database from updating constantly? Is there a setting that will make it only happen on the weekend or manually?

This happens way too many times and it drags my system down to a near halt. Not really a good thing if you have to stop working every other hour or so and wait for a helper app to release your system.

Hi pharaoh90, welcome to the forums.

The option that is mainly responsible for this is Automatically update virus database before scanning under AntiVirus - Virus Scanner Settings - Real Time Scanning. The same option (to update the AV database before scanning) can also be found under Manual Scanning & Scheduled Scanning. Whilst there is currently no option to update the AV definitions daily, weekly or whatever, you can however create a small Scheduled AV Scan (with automatic AV update set for scheduled scans) to update the AV definitions on whatever time-scale you wish.

I hope that helps.