Constant Updates with 4.26

Just installed the latest version. I have it set to check for updates once a day.

Comodo FW os telling me that BOC is trying to connect to the net every ten minutes or so (BOC4UPD.EXE)

So, whats going on?

Thanks in advance

Good question … the way BOClean is designed, it actually runs on a “Windows timer” which we set by default to 4 minutes after startup, and it is supposed to fire off once every 24 hours thereafter. These can be adjusted in the BOClean configuration screen to a minimum of once every 6 hours, and a maximum of 24 hours. Any settings made less than 6 or more than 48 will be automatically “fixed” to these values, and BOClean checks every time it’s run.

Once every ten minutes isn’t directly possible though as even allowing such a setting could have thousands of BOCleans out there literally doing a DOS attack on our servers if it were even possible. So we’ve definitely got us a mystery. One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes Windows itself doesn’t take down a connection after it’s finished for quite some time but I don’t know that this will have anything to do with it either.

What you might want to do for laughs and giggles is allow the connection in the firewall and then watch the BOClean traybar icon to see if it comes up with a green down arrow on a round blue background, followed by a checkbox once the download completes. If BOClean actually IS updating, you’ll definitely see this … that’d be a quick way of determining visually …

Thanks for the update Kevin. I have allowed it on a permanent basis through Comodo FW