constant updates and restttttttarts

Over the last few days, on our PCs, we have had frequent (times a day) requests to installed downloaded updates, and many of them demand and re-demand restarts.

This is a nuisance.

When I checked the “what’s new” I found that the latest update was IIRC 09 Jan 2019.

Wha hoppen guys?

Can you check which files are being updated by running the manual update task and when it ask to install updates click yes and look at the lower right side of the update window, and click the view logs link to see which files were updated.

Hi and thanks for the reply.

Ok done that. There are dozens of them…around 80 files Can I somehow copy/paste the list, or access the log file?

One thing that did come up is that the websites database download came up with error.

So it seems the update is not persisting for some reason, I would backup your config and perform a clean re-install. After uninstalling you should run the comodo uninstaller tool just to be sure.

OK thanks. I have done both of those and reinstalled. I can now only wait. 88)

The reminders have gone…I think.

But now I can’t see the pother PC on the network (also Win 7 64) that had visible shared folders for me until I uninstalled/reinstalled.

Sorry to be a bit petulant.

Make sure you have trust your home network in manage networks task.

OK I will give that a go when I get a chance. Thanks


Well the network is trusted. I can see the other PC. But I did not set that. AFAIK it was already trusted

However while I was ferreting about trying to find the Manage Network Task, I made the network a public one. Reversing that has made no difference, but I …dunno :frowning:

Anyway, result achieved. Thanks for the help and advice.