Constant issue with 64bit installs of CIS

Ok, first I want to say that

A) I HAVE searched this forum a bit and found others with my sort of issue(s) and have tried the typical “use the unstaller in safe mode” + reinstall method and that does not help

B) I am not “attacking” anyone here (some seem to be in different posts) … I am just at my wits-end on how to fix this.

C) I have used each mentioned (below) installer in xp 32bit on 2 different machines and they are installing/upgrading fine … its been since able 4.x on every single install i try

D) I use to (up to 5.x ) wait til it gave me the problem about CAVShell.dll unable to do something (“register” i think, but i forgot) … WITHOUT CLOSING anything hit the power button and do a “dirty” reboot… when the reboot happens it asks if i want comodo to diagnostics to fix errors, it does, i reboot again (normal) and its fine … this is not a solution i like, but it works. … and this is not working with 6.x … I have been trying for days to get this working and still cant figure it out.

E) I have removed (though i knew it wasn’t the issue) “S.A.S” (freeware ed.), and Avast Freeware ed. and errors persist.

F) I never tried installing the COMODO AV on any of this tries … I just want the firewall+ and defense+

G) “Fixed” 1603 error … I have fixed this to make a long story short by MANUALLY going through registry, which finds alot of comodo related entries not found with reg cleaners for some reason … anyway … i did have to fight with the registry permissions (Its my personal PC and i am the only user) but finally got it “installed” with the messy way I described above (version 6 of CIS that is) …

CURRENT ISSUE: I see it installed, but when i click CISTray.exe or CIS.exe, it wants to run the diagnostic tool which for once FINDS no errors, but when i repeat this (clicking the main exe) it just keeps running the diagnostic tool again and again.

By the time this is read, I may have given up and tried my “messy install” of 5.x … i am not sure if i care on the problem 64bit pc which version I have … if (and it works) I have 5.10 again, I’d be happy (BTW, no restore points could help) … I don’t want to go with another product for a firewall and I WILL NOT reformat just due to Comodo … I know I could provide more details, but have been at this for so long (after posting this) i just need a break.

thank you for your time

Okay, it definitely sounds like there is something on your system interfeering with CIS. Whether its remnants of previous versions of CIS, remnants of previous security software, or something else I am not sure.

Please try following the advice I give in this post. Since you’re running a 64 bit system you can not use Revo Uninstaller Free to remove CIS. Thus, please follow the rest of the advice I give in the post. Remove CIS normally, restart, and then run the uninstaller tool once in safe mode and then once again in normal mode. (I know you said you tried it, but please try it again. I am asking you to do it for a reason.)

Then you should make sure all other security programs are removed, even if you believe they are not the problem. After that use the link in my post to run the uninstaller programs for these other previously installed security products, to make sure that any remnants of them which may exist have been removed. Only after that is done, and the computer has again been restarted, should you try to install CIS. Note that these steps are outlined in my other post, but I just summarized it here for your situation.

Please let me know if this works (I know it is a little time consuming but give it a chance). If following these steps does not solve the problem we will have to try something else, but please try the entire procedure once and we’ll see how it goes.

Thank you.