Constant Firewall alerts for web browser- how can I stop these?!?

HELP! I am very technically unsavvy here. I had been using Comodo Firewall v.2 for over a year and had no problems with it.

I just updated Comodo Firewall it v3. It is CONSTANTLY giving me a “firewall alert” for my web browser, ycommon.exe. I have told it to trust it, told it to remember my answer, tried to define my browser as a trusted application. But still, every 2 minutes I get a pop-up “alerting” me about it. I am annoyed and I just want it to stop. It is interfering in my online work.

What am I supposed to do to tell the firewall to trust this app completely and stop asking me about it? Step by step guidance would be helpful, I am obviously missing something in the process! I am in Train with Safe Mode and Defense + is inactive.

Thanks and my apologies for being dense about this! (and for the record, I have had that popup 5 times while I have been writing this, that is how frequently it is popping up).

Okay, I just tried to add AT&T Yahoo to the Defense + trust files but it won’t accept them. I dragged the file over and got that error beep from the computer. Then I tried the arrows to move the file over and it moved the file to the other side but I still got that error beep. When I hit apply, it did not record any of those files and lists no files as trusted.

Try putting the firewall into Training Mode: Firewall>Advanced>Firewall Behaviour Settings. Form this screen move the slider down to “Training Mode”.
If you have the Defense+ set to inactive, maybe it won’t accept the programs as safe. Try Firewall>Common Tasks>Define a New Trusted Application

could you post a screenshot about the network rule(s) of your browser? (firewall tab/ advanced/ network security policy) your problem sounds like a (known) bug

I am not familiar with ycommon.exe, but
Did you go to Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policies and change the setting there to “trusted application”?
Does your Firewall Event Log say anthing about it is being blocked?
What does the Firewall alert say that ycommon.exe is trying to do?
If Defense+ is inactive, why are you dragging things over to it?