Constant direct disk access by everything

Hi, I’m getting Direct Disk Access alerts from comodo constantly. OS is Win7-64. It’s been doing it since I installed the OS and does it on programs I trust and in some cases written. Pops up alot with installers and when opening a file in an application. Almost all applications do it until they are trusted. I was under the impression that Direct Disk access was sector by sector type access and has nothing to do with the file system. Is this correct ?

Example log entry:
2013-12-27 18:19:13 C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\USB Drivers\RIMBBLaunchAgent.exe Direct Disk Access C:\

Are you running the Proactive Security configuration with D+ set to Paranoid?

Proactive security is not Active, HIPS is set to safe mode.

Can you show one or more screenshots of the D+ logs that shows the entries for getting alerted for the following situations you reported:

  • on programs I trust
  • Pops up alot with installers
  • when opening a file in an application

I noticed the disk access question to be often the entry question too. For games etc.
In the past it was directx input.