Constant block messages from my local scripts

Having the possibility to enter Batch exceptions in CIS premium or in CIS Pro would be great to have as that would solve this annoying issue for many users.
However with my proposed solution presented some posts earlier (#7) CIS can run Unknown batch files without CIS firing any pop-up Alerts or warning messages at you. The only thing is that the File List will become poluted with those Unrecognized batch files each time when those batch files are being modified (either by name or content) and than run again but that wouldn’t bother me the least. just pushing Purge and they’re gone.

Another solution would be to fix the batch file name and batch file content and to pass any variable parameters as arguments to the batch file on the command line but that requires some batch file programming skills.


CIS would be unbeatable if it allowed manually insert exceptions for Script option for Consumer version, so there’s nothing
left for us, regular users, to do but live with it!.. I’ll try the tip from CISfan’s post #7.

The enterprise version is only $39/year AFAIK, so it’s not too expensive. Regarding your use of ffmpeg commands, there are many free plugins out there. One such plugin that may fit your needs is Youlean Loudness Meter(2).

Hi CommodoUser2019,
I have 75k of songs… Youlean has a limitation of use… it would be like covering the sun with a sieve, it wouldn’t do me much good.

I’m still suffering from the CIS vs local bat battle

Do you have to create / modify the batch file for each and every song separately?
If so and if I had to process 75k of songs I would look for other tools or a more automated way of batch processing the songs.
Maybe post the content of the batch file to see what it does.

Hi C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

Any news regarding the analysis of the reports I sent?.. I’m waiting for an answer before uninstalling CIS from my PC. The way CIS treats my local scripts,
I can’t work with CIS on my computer. Any comma, dot, exclamation I change in the script, I have to keep informing the CIS that the file is trustworthy…
…unfortunately that doesn’t work for me!

The CIS that has to obey us and not the user become a slave of the CIS, if I informed that a certain script is reliable, the CIS does not have to do anything.
There are other ways to verify a script without having to, for any change, force me to keep unlocking the script at all times.

None of the bugs on the Bug List have been resolved in CIS Premium yet. . .
None of the Wish requests have been implemented in CIS Premium yet. . .
None of the forum members / CIS users have seen a new CIS Premium program update for more than 12 months yet. . .
None of the forum members / CIS users gets a clear answer from Comodo Staff regarding CIS Premium project direction or development / progress status yet. . .

You need a miracle to get what you want.

Hi Picandalo,

Sorry for the inconvenience, we have forwarded your provided log to the team and they are checking on it.
We will keep you posted.


Sorry in advance if this is not helpful or relevant.

Disclaimer, this is the first time I’ve ever tried to make a script of, anything, ever.
I’m trying to make a script that would make and then delete a text file with a TIMEOUT in the batch file. When I would try to run it, I’d get a command dialogue counting down, but saying “Media is write protected.” and it wouldn’t actually create the text file.

I have Comodo Antivirus Free edition and I found an option to Unblock Applications.

Opening Comodo Antivirus and looking in the “Advanced View” I clicked on the number next to “Blocked Intrusions” (I’m using the “Modern Theme” if that makes a difference).
This opened a “COMODO View Logs” window and, after sorting by the most recent date/time, I found my batch file on the list of HIPS events, with a “related alert” link. I assume it is collating the event logs, since I’ve been trying to run this file for at least an hour with no success.
After clicking the “related alert” link, I’m brought to a new page that gives advice on how to handle the alert.

After this, I went back to the Comodo AntiVirus main window and clicked “Unblock Applications”
After again sorting by most recent date/time, I found my batch file in the list being blocked by Containment.
A right click of the listing, selecting “Unblock”, and “Unblock for component(s) shown in ‘Blocked by’ column” and the batch file disappeared from the list, and POOF, my batch file now runs fine!

Again, sorry if this is completely unrelated to the prior discussion, but I figure I should post this on the internet somewhere in the event someone is in my exact situation.

Hi GrumpyFox,

Thank you for reporting.
May I know your cis version and win version along with system bit type.


All *.batch files not recognized by their SHA1 signature are contained by Comodo
Each time a batch file is created, it has a SHA1 signature which is unknown in the Comodo database, therefore defense activated > Container