Considering switching from avast! Free Antivirus to full CIS

I have been using avast! Free Antivirus for a while now along with COMODO Firewall. I have the sandbox in COMODO Firewall disabled along with Defense+. Ever since I saw some screenshots of COMODO Internet Security I have become more interested in replacing avast! Free Antivirus with COMODO Antivirus and turning on Defense+ and the sandbox.

I have some questions about CIS that I would like answered. I hope it is not too much trouble to get them answered.

#1. How large are the antivirus updates?
#2. If CIS considers all but one thing on my computer to be safe, would that equal a low number of Defense+ alerts? (That’s provided my computer isn’t infected.)
#3. Does CIS do a weekly scan by default or is it just real time protection? avast! Free Antivirus doesn’t do a weekly scan by default and uses real time protection instead.
#4. Would any notifications come up on the screen by default if CIS updates the virus definitions? I’m asking because avast! Free Antivirus does that.

I’m trying to figure out whether avast! Free Antivirus or COMODO Antivirus with Defense+ and the sandbox enabled would be better for me. I’m a computer geek but don’t like having a lot of alerts come up on the screen.

The initial database download is quite large. Around 150MB. After that, the updates are several KB’s.

Running in Safe Mode is fairly quiet.

Yes, there is a default weekly scan.

It will let you know when the definitions have been updated if you have balloon messages turned on.

Thank you for responding. I have some more questions.

#1. Is the weekly scan a quick scan?
#2. Would the scan have a noticeable impact on system resources?
#3. Is there any audio when virus definitions are updated if balloon messages are turned on?
#4. How often does CIS check for updates?
#5. Would there be a noticeable impact on system resources if the program is updating or checking something using real time protection?

I don’t recall, but you can edit the scan type.

Some systems do have some slowdowns while a scan is running.

If you have your system set to make a noise when a balloon pops up, then yes. There isn’t a lady that says the definitions have been updated like Avast has.

It checks for virus database updates every 30 minutes.

I’ve never experienced any issues, but there have been reports from a few people that saying that some folders open slowly as a consequence of the scanner.

I’d also like to point out that IMO if you do a full scan with CIS once, and then are careful while using it, weekly scans are largely a waste of time and resources.

I’d also like to point out that any time a file is run it checks it against the cloud. Therefore, even if your antivirus is not entirely up to date it would still detect it using the most up to date signatures.

Thank you HeffeD and Chiron for your responses. I think they have been helpful. I’m still trying to come to a decision. I like that CIS checks for virus database updates every 30 minutes. In comparison, avast! Free Antivirus checks for virus database updates every 240 minutes, but that can be adjusted and it does have streaming updates. I like that the scan type can be changed.

My largest concern at this point is resource usage. I think I would disable the weekly scanning because of Defense+. I’m concerned though with how the program would act if I opened certain files. I don’t think I would like a noticeable increase in the amount of time it takes to open certain files and folders.

Comodo scans are slower compared to Avast. Well just try and see. It will only protect you better.

I can tell you that without a scan running I see no slowdowns on my computer.

CIS protects you using DDS (Default Deny System)…its an amazing innovation that keeps your computer clean even without antivirus :slight_smile:

Very true. Avast is Default Permit. Comodo is Default Deny.

Avast - “Default Permit” is when you find yourself in an arms race with the hackers. It means that you’ve put yourself in a situation where what you don’t know can hurt you, and you’ll be doomed to playing keep ahead/catch-up.

Comodo - “Default Deny” is a really good idea unlike Default Permit. It takes dedication, thought, and understanding to implement a “Default Deny” policy, which is why it is so seldom done. It’s not that much harder to do than “Default Permit” but you’ll sleep much better at night.

Source: The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security

good material :slight_smile:

I decided today to uninstall avast! Free Antivirus from my computer. Before doing so I checked the vendor’s website for instructions on how to uninstall. I think they were simple. I uninstalled the program through Programs and Features and was asked to restart to finish the process, which I did.

I then installed the antivirus component and was asked to restart afterward, which I did. I turned on Defense+ and set it to Clean PC Mode. I also turned on the sandbox. I downloaded the latest definitions and did a full scan, which to my surprise took under an hour. (I think it took avast! Free Antivirus over one hour to do a full scan of my computer.)

I have not noticed any decrease in performance of my computer and I have yet to see any Defense+ pop-up. I’m impressed with Comodo Internet Security and I think the version I’m using now is better than the one I used on a computer I no longer use in the past. I think it is an excellent program and I look forward to having version 6.x on my computer.

I was surprised to see Melih post in this thread, which I thought was funny (out of all the people who decided to post in my thread Comodo’s CEO decided to). Thank you Melih and everyone else who helped me. :slight_smile:

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