Consenquences of disabling terminal services? [Resolved]


If ‘terminal services’ is disabled, then CPF displays a warning during load. I’d like to know more about why CPF is dependent (at least somewhat) on terminal services and what the consequences are if TS is disabled.

I have gotten that alert myself when I was using that version of firewall. I left terminal service disabled and the firewall still worked fine for me. It might have been used to check your firewall for updates I am not certain.

I am not a dev guy so I can’t speculate on why it is being used and what for but this topic has been raised before so you might do a search on the forum and see if that might give you some answers.


Are you using fast user switching or remote desktop?

I think Terminal services is required for these to work so perhaps this is something to do with the warning.


hi guys

i don’t use fast user switching, but it seems Comodo does as i think i got a warning when i disabled it before. also i don’t connect remotely.

i did search the forums before i posted, but i didn’t find any relevant information regarding Comodo’s reliance on terminal services.

@jasper - which version are you currently using? is the latest i’m aware of.

Comodo Firewall Pro is the latest version. It is Beta though

The consequence of disabling Terminal Service is reduced resource consumption:;msg48542#msg48542

And here is the offical reponse from the CFP lead developer:;msg15226#msg15226;msg17588#msg17588

I am using the new beta version at the moment. I haven’t used version 2.4 for awhile. I received the alert when using version 2.4 and not while using CFP3 beta.

I just disabled Terminal Services now and got a normal registry setting changed alert from CFP3.


ok, that clears that up. thanks guys!

Soya - thanks for the links.

Cool. Then let’s close this topic down as resolved.