Connectivity problem

I tried the 2nd released version of Comodo Firewall, towards the beginning of 2007. I have Ms Windows XP SP 2. My friend, installed it, too at the time. The install was successful; but both us experienced problems with opening the internet. The shield appeared to be interfering with the opening of the internet; almost like the control was too powerful & couldn’t be scaled down or something. The only way to solve this problem was to change the position of the security to: ‘Allow All’ & this was the only way that the firewall would work with the internet, otherwise it was interfering big time with the operation of the internet. Which means we had no protection at all in that position-Not Secure at all. We both had to uninstalled it.
The thing is, that your firewall is rated so WELL, all the way around, by PC Magazine!! And I think that you really care about security and that you are on the BALL, when it comes to your advanced technology. I would hate to think there wasn’t a glitch and maybe you’ve fixed it. Was there a reason or was there a bug in the version that has been fixed since? Or did we miss something with the software. Originally, you were so good at getting the beta version fixed, only a couple of months after the problems arose with it!! Thank you for your help & support. Mary A


I’ve moved your post to the Help section, as that seemed more appropriate, and should get you better coverage (and changed the subject to better reflect the issue).

Take a look at this post:,6167.msg45475.html#msg45475; there are actually two separate ones here, each with a link to the original (bold red text next to author’s name). One’s step-by-step written, the other’s basically the same thing in video form.

You might try reinstalling (make sure you turn off/deactivate any other active/real-time security software prior to running the installer). Make sure you install on Automatic, rather than Advanced. If you have the same connection issue, do the following:

Go to Activity/Logs. Right-click and select “Clear all Logs.” Reboot.

Try to access the internet. If it fails, go to Activity/Logs; right-click, and select “Export to HTML.” Save the file. Open the file, highlight and Copy the entries, then Paste that as text into your post.