Connectivity Issue or Conflict with Spyware Terminator?

Hiya… I’m a huge Comodo BOClean fan and using the 4.24 version. I still find that I loose connectivity every now and again. I know that CBOC Monitors and repairs Winsock and that Spyware Terminator monitors Winsock as well. Is there a conflict happening here? A solution? Also I had that Unable to write to directory message recently but why? There are two accounts on this computer and neither of them are Limited accounts.


I don’t think that spyware terminator is responsible for this, I use both boclean, and ST without the issues you described.

One idea though, is in ST, go to the real time protection tab → internet guard, and make sure that the slider in winsock isn’t set to “block all access”. If boclean tries to reset teh winsock settings, and ST is trying to prevent it from doing so, that could lead to problems maybe.

Hiya… Thanks for your reply… It worked out that it appears to be a comodo boclean issue because when I shut down BOclean my wireless connection was working fine. I’ll see if I can PM Kevin for a solution.



I just wanted to add my two cents in ;):

I am using Spyware Terminator (the latest version) and Boclean v4.24 without the slightest problem.