Connection to Svchost.exe

My question is this.

I have a Webstar by Scientific Atlantic modem(though my cable ISP) and the minute I hook it up to my computer I get a request from a to connect to Svchost.exe

It happened 2 different times as soon as I hooked up my modem…I am assuming it is ok and it has to do with the modem.

Is this safe to put allow on the firewall?

Does this modem have a router built in? Can you post url that provides more information about the modem you use?

Do you share you connection with other people in your house or family?

Can you check the Firewall logs to see from which port number to which port number the request connect to svchost.exe from came?

No it doesnt have a router built in. I do not share a connection either.


Ports 67 to 68

Traffic on ports UDP 67-68 is part of the Bootstrap protocol. That is used to get an IP address from your ISP.

I need to know what the gateway address of your connection is.To find out open the command prompt → ipconfig → push enter → read the address of the default gateway it reports.