Connection to Comodo web site

Since three days internet connection to comodo web site is very very slow.

What is happens?

I have had a slow connection too. :THNK

Mine connection to comodo has been fine… =)
Just to report! =O

Im not able to download anything from the comodo website!!
I am a new user and decided to try out CIS under the suggestion of a friend but when i try to download CIS from COMODO website,my Google chrome browser reports a broken link.The problem persists for all COMODO products.Finally i downloaded the CIS from and installed it but now im unable to update its virus signatures…
Please can someone tell me if im doing something wrong or is it a problem with the website…
Anyone else having similar problems?

Welcome to the forum sudhan :slight_smile:
Sounds like something on your computer is blocking the Comodo website.
Can you download any other security software from there main websites (Example AVG from
If you cannot please post Here for help.

The CIS posted in is older one (3.5). I fear that the support of this version has been stopped by Comodo as major changes were made to antivirus base.

Have you tried to download CIS from Internet Explorer to verify whether it is a chrome issue?

Hey guys thanks for all your replies…
The problem has been resolved now after i quarantined a rootkit that i recently found to be residing in my computer…
Thanks again!!

This site to me is a problem. How can a novice or a dummy like me use this system of yours? Esoecially when all I wanted was a simple answer. Think you make your instructions to complicated to follow for a simple person like me.

Question would be. How to remove the comodo screen that seems to have taken over my home page.
If I can keep it off my home page then I will have to remove the file completely file.

You need to be more specific…is this “system” of ours the forum, CIS, CSC, or what?

A “home page” generally means the main page of a website. Where is your website with the “Comodo screen”?

Or do you mean your desktop?