Connection Speed Issues

The old version of Comodo worked like a dream but since installing v3, my internet connection has slowed to a trickle. UTorrent is agonisingly slow and won’t get past the yellow triangular box, Getright can’t manage more than 12kbps, and if I open more than 3 pages in Firefox, it’s like being back on dialup again. I’ve checked with my ISP about my available speed and it’s unchanged - so where’s it all going?


This should fix the problem with uTorrent:
Tutorial for Utorrent with Comodo Firewall 3, you can either do it as pandlouk describes, or you can use my rules for uTorrent.

For the speed slowdown, go to Firewall->Advanced->Attack detection settings->Misc. and uncheck Do protocol analysis. Reboot and see if it solves your problem.



Getright seems to be OK now but UTorrent is still slow, despite the 5-rule set. Incidentally, when I’m connected to UTorrent, I seem to have an unusually large number of outgoing connections. Maybe I’ll have 3 connections mirroring those shown in UTorrent and 20-30 others with 0 incoming and 186kb outgoing apiece. Why is this?