connection speed degradation

I am researching firewalls this evening becuase I learned tonight that my present firewall is degrading my DSL connection by 1.5 MBps (I have a 4 Mbps connection without it and 2.5 Mbps with it). Can you tell me to what degree Comodo degrades high speed connections?

Hey Sue,

I’ve got two rule sets that I swap in and out as needed on the test systems. With the minimal set loaded (8 NM rules, 12 AM rules) I lose around 4% of bandwidth. With the maximum set loaded (23 NM rules, 54 AM rules, ABA enabled) it drops about 8%.

Both of these figures are well within what I expected to see.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

NM = Network Monitor
AM = Application Monitor
ABA = Application Behaviour Analysis

Thank you Ewen! That’s the extent of degradation I would expect.