connection problems due to Comodo

since i installed comodo i have connection problems with internet, mostly not from the beginning but after leaving computer some minutes without doing something, closing down and starting again the computer sometimes helps, what could be the problem ?


Please send an email to support detailing the problem.

Any screenshots of the issue will help to determine the problem.

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I too have the same problem now, it occured after the latest patch…after leaving the comp for a few mins the net is not accesible…restarting comp helps…

I turned firewall to ‘allow all’ and started internet. After a few ‘refresh’ I got connection again. Seems CPF halts the connection after some minutes…

Also, I checked activity log, and found aplication monitor denying access to ‘svchost.exe’ every 6 minutes…just a thought there might be something there

Ok, so I found out the svchost.exe was added two times in the application monitor - one was set to ‘allow’, the other to 'block. I freed up the latter - set it to ‘allow all’ and Im back in business…

Daniel-San: Good news, tx.

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yes this could have been the problem, i did the same and the connection problem is gone,
but what is svchost.exe, is it dangerous to “allow” it completely


svchost.exe belongs to windows and controls processes activated from DLLs. I believe it handles things like windows update, etc.

Allowing it won’t cause any security issues.


I had problems signing into SBC. I could open IE ok to home page but when I tried to enter username and password I got page cannot be displayed. I checked Network Monitor
(tried to paste a screen shot, didn’t work) I found an entry for block Any. I removed it and added my network zone and I think I am OK now. I have to give Comodo credit, their Help for setting network rules is really detailed and informative. I think it will help me on my Network+ certification. But, I wonder how they let that Block Any entry in, in the first place


If you are referring to the rule that says Action=BLOCK - Direction=IN - Source=ANY - Remote=ANY - Protocol=ANY, this is the rule that block unsolicited traffic from entering your PC. This rule is crucial to your security.

Your connection issue to SBC may be related to a series of other posts on the forums about getting page not found errors on login pages. The solution was to add a rule for fragmented ICMP packets. I had a quick look for the posting but couldn’t find it. The rule was Action=ALLOW - Direction=IN - Source=ANY - Remote=ANY - Protocol=ICMP - ICMP Details=Type(?) and Code(?). The type and code parameters are what I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I’ll keep looking. When/if I find it, I’ll post it here.

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This post may help to build an ICMP IN FRAG rule :,626.msg3865.html#msg3865


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thanks, I just couldn’t find it.

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Not just worth putting it into the FAQ but how about making it one of the default rules? There have already been several posts about not being able to log into secure pages without this rule. Could this be added to the Trusted Zone rules for autocreation?

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fair enough

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