Connection log

I would love to have a history of the connections made.

1. What actually happened or you saw:
When a program is displayed in the view connection section and it terminates i can no longer see what connections it made.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
I would like to have a history of the connections

3. Why you think it is desirable:
This way connection can be better tracked and it can be a base for a more advance bandwith tracking feature.

4. Any other information:

I’m not quite sure I understand. Which programs would you like to see their connections? Through KillSwitch you can see the IP address which apps are currently connected to? Is that feature not sufficient?


with the view connections i can see what connections are made. (comodo internet security when you click on “outbound or inbound”)

However there seems no log about the historical connections the programs made. Or did i miss the logging feature?

I believe only Firewall events are logged. Thus, any applications which are trusted would not create logs. I believe that is how it works, although I’m not sure.

Are you saying you want a complete log of all IP addresses contacted by each application, regardless of whether it is trusted or what rules have been created for it?


yes it should log all the connections made by every application with the destination id and the data transmitted. (and maybe other informations that might be important - while i cannot think of any)

If it were done in that way I would have significant worries about privacy leaks. If logs are kept of absolutely all activity, and perhaps even data transmitted, then that opens up the possibility that a piece of malware, or a person, could somehow gain access to that personal information. My feeling is that this wish may be more dangerous than potentially helpful.

What do you think?


i dont mean it should keep the transferred data logged.
ONLY the amount of data that was transferred.

About privacy it will be as much concern as the history in the browser, the destination ips would be the most interesting in this log, the amount of data transferred is not a privacy concern i think.

I would not consider the amount of information transferred (as it asked for in your other Wish Request) to be a privacy risk. However, keeping track of the IP addresses connected to could certainly be considered a privacy risk. Is there a very convincing reason why you believe that the pros would outweigh the privacy risks?


Please do let me know if you believe I am wrong about the privacy risks. I want to make sure I am not missing something before I move this to the Rejected section.


My response, even though it is not my idea, is that if the data could be exported/logged then yes. After all, that’s what analysts do with 3rd party tools.

As it seems that the danger is larger than the possible benefits, I will move this Wish Request to Rejected. I hope you understand. However, I really like your other wish about keeping track of the amount of information sent/received by each program. If incorporated that could be very helpful for many users.

Thank you.

I will suggest it in a different wish:
Log historical connections only if a program was flagged dangerous.

Okay, I think that would be a good idea. There could be some sort of sensitive heuristics done to decide whether it is suspicious enough to examine more deeply. Perhaps it could also be possible to manually flag a program for logging of this sort.

Anyway, just some ideas I just had from your suggestion. Please do make a new Wish Request and we can continue this there.


I think it should become part of hids which sanya suggested so you should be able to flag a program for obeservation on hids and it should be monitored and logged including the connections it made.

These sort of details can be added to the other information part of the format. However, until they are implemented, assuming they will be, it is best to make sure that each wish is for something new, which is not yet incorporated into CIS. Once they are incorporated it makes sense for new wishes to crop up about how to have them work together. However, first wishes should be made for them existing at all.

Do you understand what I mean?