Connection Issue after Ms Update with Comodo FW

Dear All,

I rebuilt my pc today and I have Comodo as my FW. After all the updates have taken place and rebooted, I can not get an internet connection. I uninstalled Comodo and I was able to reboot? Has anyone experienced this before? This is the first time I have experienced this and I have rebuilt many pcs without any issues. I thought there could be something with my build and I have re-built several times from scratch today. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Can you take a look at the D+ and Firewall logs and see if there are reports of things being blocked? Also check the Computer Security Policy and the Network Security Policy for blocked applications.

When needed you can post screenshots of the two logs.


Thanks for the prompt reply. As far as I’m aware nothing is being blocked. Where do I get the logs from?


You can find the logs under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + events.

I have checked there and it’s all cleared. What is baffling me is that when I uninstalled, I am able to connect. This is getting quite worrying now. I will rebuild another pc and will do the same test.

Keep us posted.:-TU

Hi all,

It’s not good news. I’ve just rebuilt another pc and it’s same result. As soon as I removed Comodo after ms patching, I can get connection again.

Can you provide me with more infomation about your system:
security software
what type of connection? Ethernet of wireless? Does it happen with both of them?

Can you show us a screeny of your Global Rules and the Application rules for system?


I have checked the global and app rules and there isn’t anything strange in there. I’m currently rebuilding again and I didn’t take a screenshot. My OS is based XP with SP3 and Antivirus is sophos. That’s all I have. Before doing ms updates, it was fine no problem with connection. I’m going to do one last test and will let you know.


After thorough investigation, it seems that Sophos antivirus is the issue. What I don’t understand is that I have 2 other pcs which are running sophos and no issues at all. It’s only when I do a new build that I get this issue!

Congrats on finding the solution. :-TU

On a side note. Are you sure the setting for Sophos are identical on all computers?