connection is made, Taken network remains.! with Comodo Firewall!

Hello fellow forum, my problem is my connection is made, Comodo Firewall help me, but does minimize. Taken network remains, via modem, i believe.

Why say this?. Because change and reset the modem. Every day since late January. Every day with new network name and password for different modem.

But still network problems. What are these network problems?

I have observed through CIS6 “manage networks”, for a couple of days, LAN connections gives me as WLAN, connect via cable, modem is as taken, and via LAN acts as WLAN. I connected the first days as LAN, but now no. I registered as a network created and changed back 3-4 days ago. Created with the same name on the network, but that network I changed days ago

When I connect the PC with the cable network, gives me the connection as if wi-fi. his 192.168.X.X
; that connection is not wifi, is wired network!

Very rare, please moderators would greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks in Advance!!