Connecting to a Networked Computer [Resolved]

I have a Router that is set up to use DHCP. I was able to share drives before I installed the firewall but now I can’t.

Pc 1 Is attached directly to the Router
Pc 2 is connected downstairs to the router via RJ6

Router address is

Pc1 Has Comodo
Pc2 has Windows Firewall.

Pc1 can ping Pc2
Pc2 gets a timeout when pinging Pc1 for drive sharing etc.

Pc1 Ip is
Pc2 Ip is

Is there a procedure that will allow Comodo to let this PC2 Communicate with PC1.

I am a little confused on proper set up of the rules to allow this even after some reading in the forums.

Thank You

Hey James,

If you run the Trusted Network wizard (SECURITY - TASKS - ADD A TRUSTED NETWORK), this will create the additional Network Monitoir rules that are required to allow communications between your two PCs.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Excellent. That worked like a charm.

Thank You very much.


Good to hear. I’ll lock this and mark it as resolved.

Ewen :slight_smile: