Connecting ti inet...

Hi all! While not a programmer, I am fairly PC literate. Installed the free home user firewall only. While everything seems cool, when I let the PC go to sleep from inactivity, I have no inet connection upon wake-up. Looked through & followed some of the suggestions posted for others, but none worked. If I shut COMODO down, I can reconnect after telling windows to reset the network adapter. Firewall log was blank, Vista x64 if that matters. Looks like everything is structured to allow. What am I missing???

Thanks in advance!

Wow. No ideas at all?? Noticed that if I hit diagnose connection problems then hit reset network adapter, it repairs/restores & I don’t even need to shut COMODO down. ANY advice on how to get it to stay connected??

Thanks again.

Like you already noticed this is usually a problem with OS and/or a driver of a network adapter. Try updating the driver of your network adapter. Also take a look at the forums of the network adapter’s maker for clues.