connected to an insecure network?

I have 3 computer on a lan behind a firewalled router. Tonight when turning off one,- it is an old one- I got a warning that i was connected to an insecure network and offering to encrypt

192.168.3 is the old computer. What is 234?

234 is either the whole or part of the host ID, which it is, will depend on the net mask you’re using, for example:

If your network address is with a net mask of then 234 is the host ID

Network ID - 192.168.3
Host ID - 234


thanks. what/who is the host? me or the router?

why did it say insecure? i never gpt that message before. my addresses are 192.168.1/2/3 fpr pc one/two/three

The ‘host’ would normally be a device on your network. It could be a PC, printer, router, phone etc. If you’re using WiFi, you may have inadvertently picked up a neighbours network.

Which version of CIS are you using?

Comodo 5.12. 256249.2599.

I do not see any ref to this in firewall logs or defense+ logs even thoug logs are enabled. In relation to host would it be the device i am using at any given time, the device i got the message on


Unfortunately, in version 5.x the event is not logged, that’s something they’ve added to version 6. As far as the host identification, it would be the device you’re currently using. Basically, CIS detects networks on which t is running and to which that device is attached, wired or wireless.

OK thanks. Maybe it was someone with an insecure network but i ran inssider on this pc just alert and there was no insecure network around