Congratulations, well worth the wait

(:CLP)Superb! Set-up went smoothly, uninstalled 2.3.4… re-booted, turned off all anti-virus and anti-spywares, all registry monitors. Automatic worked for me. Pop-ups came on as I used the apps. Didn’t need to update my registration as I wasn’t prompted to do so(?). I am very pleased.


You didnt need to uninstall unless you actually wanted your rules to go with it because i used the updater and it went fine.

I was using the 2.3 beta version so I had to uninstall then reinstall. No big deal though, it was a beta.

Well, I’m in the habit of uninstalling since the previous iteration gave me some problems. I thought this was (is) the safest and surest way of doing the install, afresh. I also tried the updater and it didn’t work, so there. (L)

The lack of complications is admirable. Comodo seems to function like my refrigerator: dependable, unobtrusive, just does its job, no fuss, no muss. Only wish Microsoft products were that reliable.


The updater worked for me as well. It’s probably best to temporarily disable your real-time monitoring apps such as antivirus and antispyware first, before running updater.

This version is running very smoothly so far. Well done again Comodo!