Confusing message when Win Explorer accesses Internet

Hi all,

In my Network Places, I have a shortcut to an online FTP storage site. Basically, it lets me view my files on the remote server as if they were in a folder on my PC.

When I double-click the shortcut, CPF pops up that Sonic Central [mediahub.exe] is using Windows Explorer via OLE Automation to connect to the Internet.

Sonic Central is a completely unrelated application, it’s for Sonic CD burning software. Why would CPF identify this as coming from mediahub.exe when I open the shortcut? I click Allow and it goes through, but I haven’t set it permanently since it’s identifying this seemingly unrelated program.

Thanks for any insight.


Yeah, tell me about it. I get these sort of popups hours after I use the original application that caused the popup. Just another popup to confuse the user. Sometimes too much is not a good thing.

That means, Sonic Central is somehow trying to sneak in and connect itself to the internet.
And NO! CPF does not trying to confuse everyone. It reports the exact condition, in real time.This behaviour is a common knowledge. Alot of software is trying to inject some sort of code into the “notorious” Internet Explorer to get or check for an update.

*. Windows Explorer = Internet Explorer.

Mediahub is part of the cd software. While many who have Roxio\Sonic installed get this, many block it and find they can’t use tivo, etc…just to ease your mind, it has no known spyware yet, or is considered malicious. If you have it and don’t have Roxio\Sonic, then I would be concerned. Another note, many people didn’t know what media hub was and didn’t realize it was under Roxio\Sonic. They snuck one in. :wink:



Thank you for the replies.

I do know what mediahub.exe is, as I indicated in the original post. My confusion was: when I click an FTP shortcut in My Network Places, why does CPF pop up that mediahub.exe is modifying Win Explorer through OLE automation?

I don’t think CPF is “false reporting” or trying to “confuse” me – I just can’t see the connection.


(PS – this isn’t the full Roxio Media Creator suite, which has all those stupid background processes running. It’s the OEM “Sonic Digital Media Plus”, a bare-bones CD/DVD burning program. I have no Sonic or Roxio processes running in the background. That’s another reason I’m confused.)

Hi , I believe it’s an online media option. Many complain that it’s running and want it disabled as they find it a pain. As stated, if you use Tivo, and use Roxio\Sonic for this, it needs to be allowed. I will note that some run MS malicious removal tool to do away with it but that is other’s words, not mine. There is a false mediahub.exe that is malicous but since you have Roxio, I doubt it. It can also be used by Itunes and programs like that. If it isn’t an issue and safe, simply allow it all the time. If you don’t want it to run you can use MSCONFIG to disable it at startup but have no idea what effect this will have on your CD\DVD capabilities. Also, check this link…

Hope this helps. There isn’t currently a lot of info on it except that people are peeved with it and surprised by it, lol.