Confusing help file

COMODO - Internet Security - This configuration is activated by default, when both Antivirus and Firewall components are installed, i.e. the complete installation. Firewall is always set to Safe mode. But according to the malware scanning results performed during the setup process, if no malware is found, Defense+ is set to Clean PC mode. Otherwise, the default is Safe mode. In this mode,

•Image Execution Control is disabled.

•Computer Monitor/Disk/Keyboard/DNS Client access/Window Messages are NOT monitored.

•Only commonly infected files/folders are protected against infection.

•Only commonly exploited COM interfaces are protected.

•Defense+ is tuned to prevent infection of the system.

This is written in the help file. But in the reality Image execution control is enabled and the other red ones are enabled. Also after the full scan the result was clean but D+ is still in Safe Mode. The help file is confusing for me. Can you help me? Many thanks.

The help file is of previous versions. Not updated fully yet. I guess with the upcoming updates/upgrades it will be fully updated.


Since CIS 4.1 there are no crucial differences between Internet security and Proactive. Because internet security now monitors all too

I think there are small differences. I don’t remember where I heard it, but I believe Windows Explorer is treated differently. There may be other differences as well, but I don’t know that they’re important.

That is old stuff in the Help. It should be updated.

Would be nice if it had screenshots so those of us that are not experts in the use of this software could understand what the help file was talking about.