I was using Google Chrome for a while but saw that Comodo had made a safer version. As I use Comodo firewall I thought I would give it a go. I can’t see so much difference except on installation I could put it on my D drive…( one of the reasons I want to unistall Chromeas I can’t do that with Chrome. )
But during the installation It asked me if I wanted to use Comodo’s DNS. I declined the offer as I was not sure what this meant. I read in the EULA that if Dragon is uninstalled I have to point the DNS back to what it was before or something like that. I really could not find much help to do this or what it really means. Does it mean I am not using the safest configuration of the browser.
Any chance of an explanation?

Also I tried to install an extension form Google but a window came up saying I need Dragon version 7 or higher. Then I realised that Dragon is using an outdated version of Chrome. But I can’t find any later version than Comodo Dragon, The latest stable version of chrome is 8.0.552.215 Again… any explanation as to why?

Sorry if these questions are basic stuff, but not all of us are computer ■■■■ kids and we need a little helping hand

SecureDNS will block access to known malware sites. If this appeals to you, then you could use it. I believe Dragon will switch your DNS back to the original settings, but I could be wrong. I know CIS does it, so I’d be surprised if Dragon didn’t.

More info on SecureDNS here.
Secure DNS

Yep, Dragon is quite a bit behind. Why this is I really couldn’t say. It could be that the changes they make are really complicated to merge into the sourcecode, or it could be there is only one guy on the browser team and he only works part time.

Thanks for the reply
I appreciate the information
But I am still slightly confused.

Why does COMODO advertise the CD browser as being “safer”.
According to the information from Google the latest version has over 800 bug fixes and stability improvements
as well as security fixes. I could understand it if CD was just a couple of weeks behind
but 2 versions? How can it be safer when it is using such an outdated engine.
Especially I would believe that people who come to COMODO are those who value security as they surf.

I believe Google just released another stable update.

So maybe they should invest in a full-timer to keep up.

Co on COMODO… catch up or you might lose some of us…

Let’s at least have the basic browser up to date asap

COMODO Dragon Release Notes:
Comodo Dragon internet browser is based on the source code of Google Chrome browser but has a number of improvements, which includes fixes some privacy and security improvements.

ADDED Certificate Domain Validation checking warning
Comodo Dragon uses advanced domain validation technology originally developed in Comodo Verification Engine. It performs additional analysis of a domain’s SSL certificate to warn about those that been issued with Domain Only Validation.

FIXED Client identification number privacy issue.
Comodo Dragon fixes this privacy issues, which exists in Chrome browser. Chrome creates an ID for each client (user). This security gap theoretically can be used to identify a user. This ID has been removed.

REMOVED RLZ-Tracking capability.
RLZ-Tracking is a Chrome’s feature which informs Google about when and where the browser has been downloaded. This capability has been removed in Dragon. This has been done to protect user privacy

COMODO’s traditional product update technology is used.
Dragon uses COMODO’s own installer and update technology. Chrome, on the other hand, checks for updates and makes update via Google Updater, legality of which was put under question by Red Bend Software. Google Updater was entirely eliminated in Dragon

REMOVED error reporting mechanism.
Error reporting is used by Google to find and remove problems in their software however the information, which is sent to Google, includes some data about the computer’s software. In case it this information is intercepted by an attacker, it can be used to reveal vulnerabilities in the computer’s security system. COMODO Dragon has eliminated this mechanism is order not to compromise user’s security and privacy.

REMOVED installation time-tracking.
COMODO’s installation technology doesn’t use and store information about when the software was installed and updated, all actions are based only on your current version number, whereas Chrome installation stores detailed (up to the second) information about software installation time

ADDED smart software removal
During software remove Dragon asks user whether he or she wants to keep user preferences data (home page, search engine customizing, etc) and leaves or removes user profile based on his or her choice. This is done for user’s convenience. Leaving user’s profile on your computer is recommended if you are going to return to using Dragon in future

EXCLUDED remote error pages usage
Dragon uses locally stored error messages (such as “Page not found”), whereas Chrome in its default configuration uses server-stored error messages. In Dragon information about your network input errors is limited to your browser instead of being sent to Google’s remote server.