??? Hi all been using CAVS Beta 1.1 for 8 months now with no problems, but am confused on three things with it and they are:

  1. How good is it say compared to say Avast 4 is my PC protected?
  2. Its only a beta version so does this mean its not a fully working version and does that go for CAVS beta 2?
  3. Which version should i be using?

Cheers all from Saxon

CAVS 1.1 offers good protection, though probably not as good as Avast. The latest beta of CAVS is much better and by now I would guess it is a good alternative to Avast in terms of detection rates.
However, it is still in beta testing and there are still risks (small but they are there) to installing it.

If CAVS 1.1 is giving you no problems and your pc is acting normally then I would continue to use 1.1 until the new CAVS 2 version appears on the main Comodo site. If is ain’t broke don’t fix it as some would say!
You can always use one of the free online scanners (McAffee freescan for example) to check if your pc is free from malware. Use spybot and Ad-Aware also and you increase your protection level quite a bit. Use the latest Comodo Firewall Pro as well and protection is even better.

If you want to give the latest CAVS beta a try then make sure you read all the posts regarding back ups etc. Personally I have only had one minor problem with the latest beta which is isolated to one pc out of several.